Why pre matrimonial investigation is must?

Parents always search a good life- partner  with a smart job for their children. But sometime after marriage they came to know that all information provided by their in laws was wrong.

In today’s life private detective agencies are playing the role of saviors by trying to cover up many personal, family and official details in matrimonial cases.

People are facing cheating in the booming matrimony. Detective agencies help to found every detail about the prospective groom/bride.

NCRB: The National Crime Records Bureau (
, is an Indian government agency that collect and analyze crime data as per IPC. National Crime Records Bureau shows that around 1,000 divorce applications are being filed every month. The number of divorce applications went up by 60 per cent in just one year.detective in chandigarh


Now a day’s mostly people use online matrimonial sites to search their life partner. Some of information provided to these sites may wrong.  Such wrong information led to divorce after marriages

Prospective brides and grooms spend some time on the net chatting and meet once or twice before marriage, in such a short time you cannot know everything about your perspective life partner, So a pre matrimonial investigation is must to know right details about bride/groom.


In general a premarital investigation includes character verification, social status verification, job profile verification, fitness/education/past/ social/financial status and status of the family etc.

With the increase in the number of marriage related fraud cases, People are hiring private detectives and consider that a wedding package.

Its better to spend some money for safe side for pre matrimonial investigation to verify things.

The cost of the investigation varies from location to location where investigation to be carried out.


This type of investigation usually takes 12-15 days. While investigation is risky and difficult thing, but detectives feel happy that this business helps people begin their marital life successfully.

You don’t need to worry regarding pre matrimonial investigation. We Elevates Security Pvt. Ltd. are the leading brand in pre matrimonial investigation services. we are one from the best private detective agencies in Chandigarh. We will be always there for you. You can contact us freely. We will give you 100% results.


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