Steps to break your extra marital affair

Sometimes a point is come in your married life when you find yourself indulge in an extra-marital affair. At that time

you are totally  unfair to  your spouse, your lover and yourself.  If you  find yourself  hold in an extra marital affair, take a step to end your affair before your life partner is devastated at your infidelity.

  1. Take a stirct decision:

To end your extra marital affair completely think that its not only devastating to your marriage but is unfair to your lover also. You are breaking the trust of your spouse. So take the decision to end your extramarital affair stickley.

  1. Consider how to end the affair:

Meet your lover and know his/her decision to end your affair. That meeting may got confrontational.  you may also consider impersonal ways  like email, phone or a letter to end up your relation. You may be accused of your lover but being honest to your spouse is big think.

  1. Sooner the better:

If you  dont want your spouse to be know about affair, decide to break it up immediately. If you are getting dither by time, then there will be more chances of your affair being expose.  If you  are just spending more time with another person or a pal, recognize that you are in catch of affair, refuse to meet him/her the next time

  1. Make it clear:

Make a clear decision with your lover while breaking up your relation that this is the end and you will not see each other again. this may be very difficult and impractical but make it clearly to save your and your spouse realtion,

5.Cut off all contact

This is the definitive step in ending an affair. End all forms of contact with your lover, in real. stop meet him/her, stop communicating by text message, phone calls, email or posts on social networking sites. If your lover is your co- worker then you can get transfer to another office or department. If  not possible then restrict your communication to just professional matters only. Less you will see each other, it will be easy to break your relation.

  1. Take help:

You may seek the help of a counselor to sort out the mess in your personal life as they can offer an objective view on your problems with effective means of resolving them. Your friends can also help to resolve this matter

  1. cheating

Turn your attention to your marital life. Try to find out points that eventually tempted you into an affair. Talk freely to your spouse and examine which areas in your life need to be worked.

Ending an affair is very difficult it may be long time of or short time but if you take right steps likel make cleaner and more

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