Why people indulge in extramarital affair?

Mostly People have extramarital affair. Obviously something is wrong in this. Below are the reasons why people having extra marital affair:

  1. infidility

    Early marriage:
    People who got early marriage at the age of 20 most likely to have extra marital affair. At their mid age they feel that they have not enjoyed life in their 20s, and indulge their self in an extramarital affair

  2. Got marriage due to the wrong reasons: Many people get marry for wrong reasons like force from family. Point is that many people agree to marriage without knowing their life partner. After marriage they realize that they have chosen wrong partner. When they meet person who is better than their current spouse, they got attracted to him/her and indulge themselves in affair.
  1. Not able o deal with changes:
    Life changes everyday and most of us are unable to deal with such small changes. But the bigger ones like serious illness, death, loss of employment, financial loss, etc. in family may turn a people, apart from their spouses to deal with such problems. They find more comfort with someone else.
  2. Becoming parents:
    Everything changes in husband-wife relationship after they become parents. Time for each other reduces and living environment changes also. Mostly men feel lost and unimportant, and indulge in extramarital affairs. Many women are usually keeping busy their selves in their kids, and miss their spouses.

    5. Physical dissatisfaction:
    Biological needs are most common reasons for people to indulge in an extramarital affair.

    6. Emotional detachment:

    Sometimes a spouses get emotionally disconnected due to reasons like lack of time and lack of communication with each other. To be emotionally connected to your spouse, you need to share, you need to talk, express, listen, you need to care and show that you care.
    If you don’t do this, after some time, you will emotionally disconnect from each other and your spouse will start emotionally attached with someone other and lead to an extramarital affair.

    7. Disagreements on core values:
    Sometimes tough situation come in life, where your core values are tested. And you have to make decisions which may not be acceptable to your spouse and lead irreconcilable differences, and result extramarital affair.

    8. Differing life priorities:

A couple doesn’t talk about life priorities because it is not so important. With passage of time, the priorities start getting clearer and increasingly gaps. Over time, these become so different that it becomes difficult to live and enhances chances of affair.
9. Having no common interests:
If you don’t have any common interest , you’ll get absorbed in your own divergent interests. You will not spend enough time together. Your spouse will spend time in interacting with others leads to an extramarital affair.

10. Personal finances:

Difficulties in debts and liabilities, lack of agreement on personal financial management can sometimes lead to mentally upset And at such  time, anyone who gives a hearing to your spouse financial support is welcome and that can lead to an extramarital affair.

11. Career advancement:
Some people get into a relationship as according to them it can advance their career.


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